EMEA Product Kickoff Slides

Below you find some slides of the EMA Product Kickoff. The slides are based on the updates that Google announced. A few slides were captured and shared by Tiago.

conversion-based audiences with first-party data & customer match.

External conversion lift user-based video action

Marketing Mix modeling

Campaign- level brand exclusions

Video action Planning & forecasting

NCA with High Value optimisation


Profitability reporting & optimization with conversion with cart data.

Drive conversions & revenue with interaction to next paint.

Coviewing metrics.

Pre-Populated Assets & keywords & recommended Budgets.

Store sales automatic dynamic reporting.

Burst style campaign recommendations in Pmax for store goals.

Auto-feed crawl/pixel.

Pickup later for online feed & LIA feed.

Travel carousel formats

SA360 experience hub.

Migrating to the new SA360.

Supported conversions and enhanced conversion support

Introducing Conversions goals in SA360.

Conversion value rules & Custom variable adjustments

Advanced forecasting & budget management with performance center.

Supporting new and latest formats.

Brand lift on mastheads & brand lift for display.

Video action planning & forecasting in reach planner Google Ads.

Centralised inventory management – central partner workspace.

Display & video 360 instant deals.

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