Google Ads Setting Template


Do you want more insights into all the Google Ads settings and a 200 point list with tips on optimizations and experiments?

Don’t look further I have created a template file with all the Google Ads settings and a list with in total more than 600 points.

What do you get in this document:

  • Google Ads settings checklist with 121 points
  • Account settings checklist with 13 points
  • Search settings checklist with 68 points
  • Pmax settings checklist with 54 points
  • Standard shopping checklist with 34 points
  • Display settings checklist with 57 points
  • Demand Gen settings checklist with 52 points
  • Tips & experiments checklist with 218 points
  • SOP list with 68 points
  • Update list with all the new updates in the file
  • 114 Google Ads PDF files
  • Shopping attribute list with 71 attributes
  • 41 how-to videos

How-to videos on:

  • how to capture GCLID (GTM)
  • how to send a GCLID to Excel (Zapier)
  • how to capture GCLID (WordPress > Contact Form 7)
  • how to install consent mode v2 (GTM)
  • how to track Calendly (GTM)
  • how to install e-com tracking for GA4
  • how to implement the basic version of consent mode (GTM)
  • how to implement enhanced web conversions (GTM)
  • how to implement dynamic remarketing (GTM)
  • how to make a custom column (for conversions)
  • how to install a purchase ads conversion, with dynamic value and order id(GTM)
  • how to test a purchase conversions and check(GTM)
  • how to use enhanced conversions without data layer(GTM)
  • free dynamic remarketing training( measure product id, create audience + select dynamic remarketing option)
  • how-to-install Microsoft Clarity video
  • how to implement enhanced conversions for leads
  • how to send enhanced conversions to Excel
  • how to send enhanced conversion from Excel to Google Ads
  • how to measure GCLID
  • how to send GCLID from Excel to Google Ads and how to send to Google Ads
  • how to send GCLID automatically from Excel to Google Ads
  • how to add a customer list to Google Ads
  • how to install server-side tracking (container + GA4)
  • how to install Google Ads tags server-side
  • how to debug and check server-side tracking
  • Added a new how-to-install a timer video
  • Added a how-to measure an element visibility
  • How to measure a contact form submission
  • How to make a thank-you page for CF7
  • How to measure scroll depth (GA4, GTM)
  • How to measure buttons
  • How to send products to Google Merchant Center
  • How to install Cookiebot with a plugin
  • How to install POAS

The document will be updated weekly if settings change and I will add new tips & videos weekly. You will get those updates for free.

Note that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t get enough value out of this sheet.