Microsoft is launching PLA Extension

Microsoft is launching PLA extensions!

PLA Extension is a new retail media solution that allows brands to serve product ads both onsite and offsite with a single budget, while automatically optimizing for the best balance of performance and reach. Previously, onsite advertising had limitations, such as low inventory, a limited number of SKUs, and supply constraints.

PLA Extension unlocks omnichannel attribution in an automated and scalable way, enabling brands to measure the impact of their onsite and offsite ads and see a more complete view of the shopper’s journey.

The feature provides access to more ad supply offsite and enables brands to activate the retailer’s first-party data, as well as Microsoft’s audience intelligence to strategically target highly relevant shoppers. If an onsite campaign is underspending, the feature will automatically extend product listings to offsite product placements, optimizing performance and reach across on and offsite product ad placements.

PLA Extension helps drive awareness of brands and points prospective customers back to the product landing page, growing the audience and increasing the likelihood of sales. This feature is part of Microsoft’s vision to build the most complete omnichannel retail media stack.

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