Looker Studio Update

Looker Studio released some new features! In the picture from Mehdi Oudjida you see how some changes affect the charts.

Improvements to Bar and Combo Charts:
– Configurable options for bar charts and combo charts
– Choose between different label types for stacked bar charts and combo charts with stacked bars
– Customize the position of bar labels relative to the bars or columns
– Define custom spacing between bars and groups of multiple bars
– Select a custom color for bar or column borders.

Audit Logging for Team Workspaces:
– View Team Workspace log events in the Admin Console (Security Investigation Tool)
– Filter log events by selecting Team Workspace as the asset type.

Firewall and Database IP Address Change:
– Looker Studio has changed the IP addresses for connecting to the following databases: Amazon Redshift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server 2017
– New IP addresses to use: and 2001:4860:4807::/48 (optional for IPv6-supported platforms)
– Previously listed addresses can be closed as they are no longer used by Looker Studio.

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