Google Ads Scam?

This week Google Ads has been accused that a big part of Google’s video-ad placements is on third-party sites that violate promised standards.

Adalytics, the analytics company observed campaigns from more than 1,100 brands that ran over the past three years.

They uncovered that some campaigns saw 42-75 percent of TrueView spend allocated to GVP sites.

According to Adalytics, brands are paying for the service when their ads are actually running in small, muted videos to the side of main content, on sites that do not meet Google’s monetisation standards.

In the latest blog from Google Ads, they said that these are extremely inaccurate claims about the Google Video Partner (GVP) network.

They say that the report wrongly implies that most campaign spending runs on GVP rather than YouTube.

For more information from the side of Google check:

For the accusation read:

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