Google Ads news week 7

New image size?

Dario Zannoni found what looks to be a new image size in Google Ads!

Google Ads API 13.0 out

Google Ads has released Ads API 13.0. Some highlights:

-added support for Pmax travel goals

-added fields to customer to track migration status of location and image assets

-Feed-based recommendations of calls, callouts, and site links are replaced with asset-based recommendations

New in GA4 Conversion difference report

Charles Farina has found a new report called conversion difference. This new report helps understand discrepancies in conversions between Google Ads and Google Analytics 4. You can find this new report in the Google Merchandise Store demo account.

Brand control keywords?

Scott Carruthers has spotted a new function in Google Ads that gives brand control to your keywords!

New GA4 updates

Google has released some new updates for GA4:

– Data quality icon at the individual card level

– A new “(other)” row message in the data quality icon

– New sampling controls for Google Analytics 360 properties

New CTV Advertising Features in Google Ads

Google is sharing new features in Display & Video 360 that helps advertisers to plan, buy and measure their connected TV campaigns.

A few new features:

– new TV functionality in Reach Planner

– update to the marketplace that helps advertisers find CTV inventory to meet their campaign objectives.

– a new report in Display & Video 360 Unique Reach Overlap

Search spend insights PMax

Mike Rhodes has made an amazing update to his pMax spend allocation script. Where you can now see the pMax search spend.

In the picture below from Miles McNair founder of PPC Mastery you see an example of how this report looks.

No content targeting

Sofia Akritidou discovered that Google no longer lets advertisers add content targeting to video campaigns!

New campaign set-up

Spotted by Thanos Bertes a new Google campaign set-up. In this picture, the buttons look mandatory, through the use of gray!

It’s still possible to opt out of the Google Display Network & Google Search Partners through the dropdown.

Google Ads new gambling and games policy

Google has a new gambling and games policy that will allow online horse racing ads for Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.

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