Google Ads news week 4

Welcome to the blog post about the news around Google Ads from week 4.

ROAS Target Simulator

In my accounts, the ROAS target simulator was already available but for other accounts, Google rolled it out last week.


For users of Google universal Google sends this email saying that you need to Install GA4 or Google will do it for you…

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Google is changing the content targeting in Google Ads. With the word to help you reach more potential customers, Google is simply saying: You get less control and we will show Ads to more people.

An example from the Google Help page: “Your ads will target any of your selected content in your ad group. For example, if you targeted “bikes” as a topic and “cycling” as a Display/Video keyword, your ads will show on content that matches either”.

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Google has made an update to government documents.

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According to Mauro Z. you can now also advertise on the Google Discover feed in Germany & France.

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Google has updated the search bar. With this update, you will be able to find information about your current property or account. Also, you can navigate to others properties.

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