Google Ads news week 20

Below you find all the news from week 20.

Google Ads Benchmarks 2023

WordStream by LOCALiQ analyzed more than 17.000 US search advertising campaigns for their Ads benchmarks.

Some findings:

– CTR increased in 22 out of 24 industries

– CPC increased for 14/24 industries

– CVR is down for most industries

– 91% percent of industries saw an increase in CPL(source)

GA4 Reporting API

Charles Farina found out that a lot of GA4 Reporting API limits have received big boosts.

Sensitive events policy

In June Google will be removing restrictions on corona-related content under their Sensitive events policy.

New box test for Local Ads

Google is testing a new box in Google Maps for sponsored listings(source).

New PMax reports

Navah Hopkins found out that you can now see data on where and when your PMax campaign was served!

GA4 update

Google has announced new dimensions and metrics for the audience builder in GA4(more information)

Youtube introduced two new Ad types

During Brandcast YouTube announced that is bringing back the 30-second unskippable ad slots to YouTube Select.

The 30-second ad will replace two 15-second video spots that are currently available on YouTube Select CTV video content

YouTube is also introducing ads when users pause videos!

Besides these updates, Google talked about AI integrations with voice and trimming.

6 new measurement tools in Chrome

Google has announced six new relevance and measurement APIs.

These new features can generate interest-based advertising signals and correlate ad clicks or views with conversions. All without the use of third-party cookies.

List of new tools:

Topics: Generate signals for interest-based advertising without third-party cookies or other user identifiers that track individuals across sites.

Protected Audience: Select ads to serve remarketing and custom audience use cases, designed to mitigate third-party tracking across sites. (This API was previously named FLEDGE.

Attribution Reporting: Correlate ad clicks or ad views with conversions. Ad techs can generate event-level or summary reports.

Private Aggregation: Generate aggregate data reports using data from Protected Audiences and cross-site data from Shared Storage.

Shared Storage: Allow unlimited, cross-site storage write access with privacy-preserving read access.

Fenced Frames: Securely embed content onto a page without sharing cross-site data.

Google also announced that starting in early 2024, 1% of Chrome users will have third-party cookies disabled.

New favicon test

Filip Silobod found out that the new Favicon design test is now also live for sponsored search results!

New Parameter for IOS

Because of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy changes, Google has introduced a new URL parameter that you can use to measure the results of your ads on iOS under Apple’s policies!

gBraid is the new parameter that helps advertisers measure app conversions driven by ad campaigns on iOS.

Google Marketing Live

23 May 2023 Google is going to hold its annual event where they showcase their latest ads product innovations(source).

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