6 new measurement tools in Chrome

Google has announced six new relevance and measurement APIs.

These new features can generate interest-based advertising signals and correlate ad clicks or views with conversions. All without the use of third-party cookies.

List of new tools:

Topics: Generate signals for interest-based advertising without third-party cookies or other user identifiers that track individuals across sites.

Protected Audience: Select ads to serve remarketing and custom audience use cases, designed to mitigate third-party tracking across sites. (This API was previously named FLEDGE.

Attribution Reporting: Correlate ad clicks or ad views with conversions. Ad techs can generate event-level or summary reports.

Private Aggregation: Generate aggregate data reports using data from Protected Audiences and cross-site data from Shared Storage.

Shared Storage: Allow unlimited, cross-site storage write access with privacy-preserving read access.

Fenced Frames: Securely embed content onto a page without sharing cross-site data.

Google also announced that starting in early 2024, 1% of Chrome users will have third-party cookies disabled.

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