Dynamic Remarketing training

In this remarketing training, you learn three things you need before you create a remarketing campaign with products: measurement of product ID, creation of an audience, and selecting the product option in the display ad.

What you need to do yourself: find the right placements and exclude the placements(monitor this), fill in the campaign settings and text.

Some tips:

  • make sure you measure product id’s and that they are the same as in Merchant Center
  • create good and big enough audiences, but don’t make them to big(more information about audience size)
  • don’t use optimized targeting
  • only use smart bidding if you have enough conversions
  • write compelling ad text
  • Make sure you have a datalayer for the product id

Video 1# How to measure the product ID

How to Build an Audience

Examples of some Google Ads Remarketing Audiences you can make:

– Product viewers
– Added to shopping cart
– Abandoned Carts
– Site search users
– Time on site/ pages viewed
– Visited pages
– Customer match
– Youtube viewers
– Watched a video(product)
– Started checkout process
– Removed product from shopping cart
– Viewed contact page
– Downloaded files

How to select the dynamic product option in a Display Ad

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